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Davinci Resolve video editor

If you need a professional video editor for non-linear editing, and you need a free editor, DaVinci Resolve may be the best choice in your case. Provided that you are not confused by the lack of Russian language interface and you have experience (or are willing to learn) to work in other professional tools for video editing. 

In this brief review – about the process of installing the video editor DaVinci Resolve, about how the interface of the program is organized and a little about the available functions (a little — because I’m not a video editing engineer and I don’t know everything myself). The editor is available in Windows, MacOS and Linux versions. 

If you need something easier to perform the basic tasks of editing personal video and in Russian, I recommend to read: the Best free video editors. 

Installation and first launch of DaVinci Resolve 

On the official website there are two versions of the program DaVinci Resolve-free and paid. Limitations of the free editor-no support for 4K resolution, noise reduction and motion blur. 

Choosing a free version of DaVinci Resolve 

After selecting the free version, the installation and first run process will look like this: 

Fill in the registration form and click “Register and download”. 

A ZIP archive (about 500 MB) containing the DaVinci Resolve installer will be downloaded. Unpack it and run. 

During the installation, you will be prompted to install the necessary Visual C++ components (if they are not found on your computer, if they are present, “Installed”will be displayed next to them). But DaVinci Panels to install (it’s for work with equipment from DaVinci for of editors). Installing DaVinci Resolve 

After installation and start-up will first be shown a kind of “screensaver”, and in the next window, you can click Quick Setup for quick setup (the next time you will open a window with a list of projects). 

During quick setup, you can first set the resolution of your project. Project settings 

The second stage is more interesting: it allows you to set keyboard parameters (keyboard shortcuts) similar to the usual professional video editor: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer. Video editor hotkey options 

When finished, the main window of the DaVinci Resolve video editor opens. 

Video editor interface 

The interface of DaVinci Resolve video editor is organized in the form of 4 sections, switching between which is performed by buttons at the bottom of the window. 

Media-add, organize and preview clips (audio, video, images) in the project. Note: for a reason unknown to me, DaVinci does not see or import videos in AVI containers (but for those encoded with MPEG-4, an easy change to the extension is triggered .mp4). 

Manage clips on the Media tab 

Edit-editing table, working with the project, transitions, effects, titles, masks-that is, everything you need to edit the video. 

Editing and editing videos in DaVinci Resolve 

 Color-color correction tools. Judging by the reviews-here DaVinci Resolve almost the best SOFTWARE for this purpose, but I do not understand it at all to confirm or deny. 

DaVinci Resolve color correction tools 

Deliver-export finished video, setting the rendering format, ready presets with the ability to customize, preview the finished project (export AVI, as well as import in the “Media” tab did not work, with a message that the format is not supported, although its selection is available. Perhaps another limitation of the free version). 

Render video in DaVinci Resolve 

As noted at the beginning of the article, I am not a video editing professional, but from the point of view of a user who uses Adobe Premiere to combine several videos, cut their parts somewhere, speed up somewhere, add video transitions and sound attenuation, overlay the logo and “unhook” the audio track from the video-everything works as it should. 

At the same time, it took me no more than 15 minutes to figure out how to perform all these tasks (5-7 of which I tried to understand why DaVinci Resolve does not see my AVI): context menus, the location of the elements and the logic of actions is almost the same as I’m used to. The truth here is worth considering that I also use Premiere in English. 

In addition, in the folder with the installed program, in the subfolder “Documents” you will find the file “DaVinci Resolve.pdf”, which is a tutorial of 1000 pages on the use of all functions of the video editor (in English). 

To sum up: for those who want to get a professional free video editing program and are ready to explore its capabilities, DaVinci Resolve is an excellent choice (here I rely not so much on my own opinion, but on the study of almost a dozen reviews from non — linear editing specialists). 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere 11 est liberum version of solvit video editor DaVinci Propono, quae facit magna libero analogum solvit editores. Applicatio est lorem ipsum dolor sit amet color correctione video cohibentes, sed vos can quoque monte video cum eo. 

Editor est a professio, erit notabilis statim et quale, dapibus et elit. Fieri a user DaVinci Lite Resolvere vos postulo ut subcriptio in loco et potens computer saltem 4 GB RAM. 


Ad adepto coepi, vos postulo ut important video tondet, et creare a timeline. Post vos disponere tondet in rectam ordine, eorum vel add musica. Post quod, procedere post-processus. 

DaVinci Propositum sustinet a numerus of color temperatio instrumenta: color consilia, lorem ipsum color venenatis, dui Color Parem temperatio. 

Odio opus in format 32-bit punctum natantis numeri, quae efficit, quale odio. 

Alia, quod merentur attentionem, nec ad sustentationem OpenFX plugins, transitus effectus, et exporting videos ad varia forma. 


Duis dapibus dividitur in 4 diversae opiniones. 

Primum visum est, importat videos. Notatu dignum est, quod ad normalis operatio vos postulo ad configurare in bibliotheca presul video cohibentes. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere notitia Repono 

Etiam, sine ullo occasus, video editor aperit tantum mov, mxf lima, et imago lima. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Primum euismod 

Deinde opus screen occasionem creare timeline loco et videos. Videos potest dividi, correpta, addidit seorsum audio nec video vestigia, addere effectus transitus inter singulis partibus duis. Denique, creare ultimum video. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Editor 

Tertium opus screen est color, correctione et usu odio. In screen, vos statim videre instrumenta color disciplinam, et video odio addidit, ut nodorum. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Color 

Editor etiam a paro of complexu odio enim color disciplinam, eorum munus est, ut dare video diversis umbras. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Color Correctio 

Cum ultimum opus screen, vos can patefacio video lima. DaVinci Lite Resolvere sustinet sequens video forma: QuickTime, MFX, AVI. Alia codecs sunt available pro singulis format. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere, Educendo video formats 


DaVinci Lite Resolvere non includit plures vitalis video odio, ut est in primo a colore corrector, sed OpenFX sustinere solvit hanc quaestionem. Vos can download quod install tertia pars video odio. Odio a NewBlueFX vel Rubrum Gigas, ut sit idoneus ad hoc. Ut a praecessi, vos ero validus ut impendo elit ex in elit. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Openfx Odio 


DaVinci Lite Resolvere potens est video editor enim color correctio. Autem, solvere simplex quaestiones, id est, nimium gravis, sicut swatting a culex ab orbitae gun. Sed si vos postulo ut facere non leve opus, tunc hoc editor recognoscet magna functionality et cogitantium dapibus.